Kasavu from Kerala (Aradhya)

Kasavu from Kerala (Aradhya)

Onam is a festivity of food, colour and attire celebrated to welcome King Mahabali, the noble ruling demon King.

People of Kerala decorate their homes with fresh flowers called Pookalamin order to welcome the King Mahabali. In Pookalam, the word Poomeans flower and kalamstands for colourful sketches drawn on the ground.One of the customary delights during Onam celebrations in Kerala is Kasavu Saree, which is the auspicious attire worn by Kerala women during their New Year.

The typical Kerala saree is hand woven and is 100 per cent unbleached cotton. Balaramapuram in Thiruvanathapuram district, the capital of Kerala is the most historically important place for these handloom fabrics, kutjes pinstaporn.com.

The weavers use throw-shuttle pit looms for the production of exclusive cotton sarees with pure jari.

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