Ikkat weaves from Andhra Pradesh (Aadyam)

Ikkat weaves from Andhra Pradesh (Aadyam)

Andhra Pradesh is one of the ancient weaving centres in India, alongwith Gujrat and Odisha.

IKAT – is a type of weaving where the warp, weft or both are tie-dyed before weaving to create designs on the finished fabric. Resist areas are done with water repellent material such as bicycle inner tubes cut into strips.

Numerous colours can be added after wrappings.The natural movement during weaving gives ikat designs a feathered edge which gives character to this technique.

Each weaver works from home with all family members helping in different processes. Perhaps, the grandmother is winding bobbins, while the wife is marking out the design on warp threads and the husband is weaving on a pit loom in the main living area.

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