About Us

Cutting a long story short

ATI - Art of Tribal India, is a platform inspired by traditional Indian art seeking to evolve into a bold new language of contemporary Indian identity. Here, we bring to you expressions in art and design that attempt to ‘go beyond / progress beyond’ the traditional. Art and design on ATI is about using the power of our age old mythology, symbols, styles and motifs to create contemporary expression of new India.

Meet the founder
Suparna Chatterjee

Suparna is an architect, design educator, social entrepreneur and a mom. Her start up Art of tribal India - ATI was launched 2 years back. Love and passion for handcrafted products urged her to take a dive into the ocean of entrepreneurship. The designs at ATI speak of modernity with a touch of traditional craftsmanship. ATI strives to encourage our artisans & craftsmen and enable the next generation to continue their rich legacy.