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Inspired in India.

Specially handcrafted for the traditional woman with a modern sensibility,
we aspire to create a social impact.

  • Touching lives of artisans and weavers across 11 states in India

  • Artisans & weavers get paid directly and fairly for their skills and efforts

  • Organic environment friendly dyes and processes

  • Using reusable handwoven cloth bags packaging

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Be exclusive, Be yourself

ATI is an attempt to bring under one roof,
simple and rare crafts, that reflect the unmistakable
spirit of India, designed specially for you!

Ajrakh from Ajrakhpur, Kutchh

Ajrakh is one of the oldest living textiles in the world. The history of Ajrakh print can be traced back to the Indus valley civilization around 2500 BC to 1500 BC. A bust of the King Priest excavated at Mohenjodaro shows a shawl — believed to be an Ajrakh—draped around his shoulders, which is decorated with a pattern that still survives in the modern Ajrakh. . .

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Ikkat weaves from Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is one of the ancient weaving centres in India, alongwith Gujarat and Odisha.
IKAT - is a type of weaving where the warp, weft or both are tie-dyed before weaving to create designs on the finished fabric. Resist areas are done with water repellent material such as bicycle inner tubes cut into strips.

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The term “Rogan” was derived from Persian language, which means varnish or oil. This oil-based paint is used to craft designs on the fabric.

The poignant art of Rogan- Kutch, Gujarat

Rogan Art is considered among the most intricate forms of art done on clothing, it is like a wearable canvas. Traditionally this art form was used to adorn bridal trousseau with beautiful motif and floral work. It was brought to India by the Afridi tribe from Persia via Afghanistan & Pakistan. It finally arrived in a small village called Nirona in Kutchh, Gujrat about 400 years ago.

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